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This website has been built in Year 2009-2010 and many things will be uploaded in the near future to spread the supreme glory of Lord Śrī Rāma. This is done as service of ParaVasudeva Parabrahman Lord Śrī Rāma (Mahā-Viṣṇu) and for the satisfaction of his devotees. I believe each and every time the visit on this website would create immense pleasure and bliss in the hearts of devotees and would give them unwavering faith and devotion in lotus feet of Lord Śrī Rāma. So people and devotees can keep visiting it regularly to see new updates, or send a request email to make yourself updated when a new webpage is added here.

Before further going ahead, I seek forgiveness from learned scholars and devotees if they find any kind of mistakes or human-errors on this website. It would be appreciated if any kind of errors is brought in my notice. I would try to remove those errors as soon as possible.

Since this website can be viewed by anyone, so i feel it is necessary to leave some message for those who have not yet developed love for supreme personality of godhead Lord Shri Ram. If you really wish to do ultimate good to yourself, then engage yourself in service of Lord Shri Rama and drink the nectar of 'Rama' Naam as Shri Rama alone is the ultimate refuge for all.

Once a devotee asked Goswami Tulsidas how to do ultimate good to own soul. Then Goswami Tulsidasa answered as below:-

अलप तो अवधि तामें जीव बहु सोच पोच,
करिबे को बहुत है कहा कहा कीजिए ।
ग्रन्थन को अन्त नाहिं काव्य की कला अनन्त,
राग है रसीलो रस कहाँ कहाँ पीजिए ।
वेदन को पार न पुरानन को भेद बहु,
वाणी है अनेक चित कहाँ कहाँ दीजिए ।
लाखन में एक बात तुलसी बताए जात,
जन्म जो सुधारा चाहो रामनाम लीजिए ।

" Life span is short and in that short span of life, souls are wandering here and there with various thoughts, Many things have been said and preached (by scriptures and saints) to do, alas it is impossible to do those all. (Isn't it?)

There is neither end of scriptures nor the end of nectar in Kāvya-s, but this life is very short to drink all those. (Isn't it?)

There is no end of learning in Veda-s; and purports of Purana-s are very deep and secret (which are interpreted by scholars in different ways). Thus purports are many, so where to focus our mind!(?)

So listen O' souls, In last I am telling you one most important thing in millions (the supreme secret) if you really wish ultimate welfare of your soul in this birth only then start singing 'Ram' Naam (drink the nectar of the name 'Rama')."

Hence my advice for everyone :-

बेगि विलम्ब न किजिये लिजै उपदेस
बीजमन्त्र जपिये सोई जो जपत महेस ।।
(श्रीविनयपत्रिका १०८।१२)

So Hasten, do not delay. Take initiation from SadGuru and chant the great Bījamantra (Rāma) which the great lord Shiva chants..

If anyone has some query, then, send an email to .

Yours Truly
In service of Sitaram,


SiyaRaghavendra Das

Date: 30th Dec 2009

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